Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fry't Night

Our ward had its long awaited "Fry't Night" activity. Our friend Katherine throws a fry party every year. She heats up the oil and tells people to bring whatever they want to fry. Since she got called to the ward activites committee, they decided to make that into our ward activity.

Here's Katherine dressed up as a "bunch of grapes" frying up some goodies.

Daina, me, & Susannah are trying some of the fried oreos.

This picture shows only a few of the things available to sample. These are the ones I can remember that were out there: sweet potatoes, pickles, bananas, onions, jalepenos with shrimp and cheese, green tomatoes, donuts, oreos, twinkies, and my favorite - snickers. I'm sure I'm missing several.

It was also a costume party. Several of us took the easy route. Susannah and I just threw on our fairy wings. Jen was a Bushman.

They had a nice bonfire going! It got a little chilly - in the 50s!

We couldn't stop laughing at Cynthia's costume. The front of her little rubbermaid thing says "hand basket."

This is a little sample of some more costumes. Daniel made the armor he's wearing! He had to take off the mail shirt he was wearing. It weighs 30 pounds!

Abraham was a soccer player with a major afro.

Spiderman was happy to pose for a picture.

I don't know why this turned out so small. They played a spooky movie afterward in Jason's backyard. Fun activity!


Kristal said...

First off, your costumes are freaking LAME!!! Secondly, Suzannah, your hair looks so hot...and long! Although I'm always jealous of your amazing curls, straight is working for you too.

get better costumes!

Call Fam said...

What a fun party. I especially loved the costume of the girl coming out of the box. That was crazy!!