Saturday, October 20, 2007

Haunted Trail

My friend Stephanie works at The Woodlands Recreation Center and is in charge of programs there. Every year they have a Haunted Trail. She asked members of our ward to help out this weekend.

Here Ben and Stephanie pose before the Haunting got started. They recently got engaged.

Jeremy joined the tour guides for a photo after his make-up was done.

I think Nichole did Jeremy's make-up. Felicia looks pretty scary too.

Finished products . . . very effective.

Israel and Nichole also scared a few people.

Here's Jeremy with his chainsaw. Israel had one too. They chased people through the cemetery scene. It was pretty scary.

I was a tour guide along with Heather and Shelly Burnham. They made us wear those silly bow ties!

Colleen looked pretty scary as well! Happy Halloween!


Kristal said...

Remember at BYU the handicapped haunted house? i think that's the second most scared I've been in my life! I was afraid that they would really stab me or something.

Alona said...

That's my favorite Halloween story ever! That scared the crap out of me. All I know is I was wearing fake glow in the dark press on nails and when I got out of there, I only had like 3 left on!