Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun at home

We decided to spend General Conference weekend with our parents in San Angelo. We had lots of fun (that's where Susannah made all those great jib jab dancing videos below).

Susannah and I stopped in Austin for lunch at the Hula Hut. We took this of ourselves just outside the restaurant.

Susannah practiced her photo shopping skills to enhance our eye colors from the previous photo.

In between conference sessions, they always have those great little programs going on. I was working on my photo album and looked up to see this scene through the kitchen interior window. My dad had just picked some of his awesome sweet corn and they wanted to watch and eat at the same time.

The giant got hungry later on so he just whipped up a little meal - potatoes and carrots with cream of mushroom and onion soup! He made it and baked it himself! Impressive!

My parents' plumeria plant got some flowers this year! They're my favorite. The parents were nice and let Susannah and I each take one for the ride home. Susannah practiced her skills on my eyes again!

We stuck the flowers in the air vents so we could smell them the whole way home. It worked splendidly! She did a great job on this photo along with the black and white one below!

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Kristal said...

Awww, I love my retarded Bushman friends that shove flowers into air vents to smell it longer. And I wish I could eat your dad's sweet corn during conference and hang out with the giant, and learn from your mother's amazing mothering skills. Oh to be Bushman, LUCKIES!!!!