Monday, October 22, 2007

The guys

We have a great group of guy friends in Houston right now. They're tons of fun and HILARIOUS!

Yesterday was Abraham's birthday so Jen made him an awesome soccer ball cake as a treat for FHE tonight.

Great pose!

Here's the little posse - Joe, me, Abraham, Sus, and Adam.

They do a lot of teasing, but they're really great friends.

For example, tonight we mentioned that we would like "someone" to switch deadbolts from the back door to the front door since the front door is super difficult to use. Abraham suggested WD-40, which sadly enough, we would have never thought of. He asked if we wanted him to get us some. We said no, we'd get it tomorrow, but he called us 10 minutes after he left to say he was back with the WD-40! So nice! The deadbolt works just as good as new. We made Jen and Seana come down and try it out right away! What a great home teacher! He really didn't spray it in his mouth! :)

This is Adam's special rendition of Happy Birthday in Spanish. He claims to be 5% Mexican. Hmmm.

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Kristal said...

Oh my gosh...and he sings?! One of you girls bettered marry Adam before I do! You know, I've been in bed with him, it was great!