Wednesday, October 3, 2007


On Monday night, our FHE group was in charge of our ward's combined FHE. We had a lesson on supporting our leaders and then for the activity, we painted the many faces of Bishop Chappell - like "Back in the day Bishop" and "I'm engaged, Bishop!" People drew papers with a "face" and then painted that face on a pumpkin. Our Bishop had to guess what "face" each pumpkin represented.

The Bishop actually loved it and took all of the pumpkins home to show his wife!

This one was the "back in the day" pumpkin.

This one was "I have something to tell you, Bishop!"

As with pretty much any activity, the paint ends up elsewhere. It starts off innocent with a little hand painting.

It then moves to attacking others with the paint - thanks Abraham and Joe.

It finally moves to full face painting. Here's Blake . . . the Clown.


Vonda said...

I love dropping into Bushmania! Everyone should stop in now and then.

Raysha said...

Hey! I'm doing great! I got to check out your blog a little. Looks like you and your sister have a lot of fun. Fun pumpkins too. I always have a hard time commiting to picking a pumpkin and then actually doing something with it! I'll put your link on my page so I can easily check out what you're up to!