Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This post is going to be my complaining for the week. Everyone seems to like to move away from us. Since I've been in Texas, it seems to be a recurring theme. I've decided to list my really good friends who have moved or are moving away. If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry! My list is pretty long.
First, Whitney. He was one of the first friends I made in Houston. He moved to College Station, TX to go to medical school. From there to Temple, TX and then he got married and moved to Pennsylvania.

In the middle is Allison. She was here to go to Physical Therapy school. Once she finished, she headed back to California. This picture was when she met us in Belize!

Brad was next to go. He, Whitney, Allison, and I used to hang out all the time. Brad left to go to law school in San Antonio.

We made friends with Brady. He's actually still in the Houston area, but down south. We don't see him anymore because he's married.

Dan passed the Bar Exam, moved to Bryan, TX to be a lawyer and from there went on to UT.

Jeremy moved, got married, and is living in one of the Carolinas.

Elliott got transfered to the Dallas area for his job. They then transfered him to Louisiana, and he's now back in Utah.

Jessica is one of my first friends in Houston as well. She left to get her MBA at BYU.

Sevy was here during the summers and Christmas breaks when he was off from SVU. He's now married.

Travis headed to Utah for a better job offer. He helped us through one of the biggest Christmas tree fiascoes ever!

Paris decided to go back to school as well. He's at BYU.

We knew Jeff was leaving to go on his mission, but were surprised to hear that his brother Richard was heading back to UT for work and probably to find a wife!

Aah, the Mulders, our Joseph City friends who didn't actually live in the Houston area. They were in Dallas for Jason's chiropractic school. We'd visit them and they'd visit us every so often. They moved back to AZ when he graduated.

Chris went off to school at Baylor.

Joe moved back to California.

And now, we hear that two of our current Houston friends are moving this month! The other Joe is headed to grad school at BYU.

Adam is going to KOREA to teach English! As you can see, I have good reason to complain! No one else better abandon us!


Anonymous said...

What do you guys do to drive everyone away? I'll bet I know . . . I'll bet you pour water down their shirts, give them pinch hickies, and then instead of calling them "your honor" you call them "you're ornery." Real cool. Thanks for dinner tonight. The bread was delish. It's almost like I couldn't get enough.

*Carly* said...

Did u notice I copied your song! I love it, the sound and everything. It that picture of Adam in the Badlands? It sure looks like it. I have to say that all these people are so blessed to have met you and susannah!!!! They are the unfortunate ones to be moving away from you guys. Take care.

Alona said...

Adam - I mean anonymous - that was almost nice! Almost . . .

Carly, good memory! That picture of Adam was taken in the very cave where we had the bat "incident."

Kristal said...

Aww no, I can't believe that anonymous is moving away! I really liked him. I wanted him to be our friend "forever"!. Shucks. Ok, and who cares that Whitney moved...he couldn't even go to Chompitos (or whatever it was called) with us! BAH to him! And Elliot, ahhh, sweet delicious chocolatey Elliot. Can I write that? Ah, and thanks for including us. We couldn't be happier to be out of that L hole! You should join us!

the other AB said...

I seriously love you girls! Moving away had nothing to do with you and more to do with my love of the west coast. I would've brought you guys with me in an minute if you had wanted to come. I have so many good memories of my time in Texas because of you. Sometimes I still need a little Bushman comic relief, I guess I'll just have to get it from your blog. Thanks for all the laughs! ELF YOURSELF is hilarious by the way. Love ya!