Friday, December 21, 2007

Snow in Texas!

We had a school-wide Polar Express day at our school on Thursday. It was a lot of fun for the kids. The teachers were really tired at the end of the day!
We had conductors that punched the kids' tickets. This is a picture of Scott, one of the kindergarten teacher's husbands. He's hilarious and will probably kill me for posting this.

The Polar Express committee went way out to decorate for the festivities. They made a train car at the main entrance of the school.

Perhaps the most over the top thing was that 4 families donated money to have snow brought to our school for the kids to play in. It was a lot of fun. They only got about 10 minutes in it, but it was great anyway. Some of my students had never seen snow since it doesn't really snow down here. It was about 80 degrees outside when this picture was taken!

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