Friday, December 21, 2007

December Farewells

This is sort of an update to my "abandoned" post earlier. I mentioned that Adam and Joe were leaving this month. Adam has already headed to ID, even though he's coming back for a week in January, and Joe leaves this coming Sunday. Here are a few pictures of our "final moments."

Since Adam was done teaching, he came to "help" in our classrooms for a few hours. I found him in my sister's classroom reading a book in her book nook. Pretty funny. She was out at dismissal with her kiddos.

Abraham's not leaving (knock on wood), but this picture was too funny for me not to put in.
This was the night before Adam flew out. We gave he and Abraham their little Christmas presents. This picture is actually the fourth one of its kind. These guys have adopted the annoying habit of making weird faces in just about every picture. I have to be really sneaky to get a fairly normal one. I'm really proud of this one!
Joe came over for a visit. We actually got him some pajama pants for Christmas to remedy the issue of him sleeping in his work clothes. I may get in trouble for posting these pictures, but if so, I claim rights based on the "water bottle" incident.
Joe's a really good sport and will often humor our weird requests . . . like requests for a fashion show with his new pajama pants. He came up with the poses himself.
We also got him some Superman PJs which he was quite fond of.


Here's some video of him coming out in the Superman pants.

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Kristal said...

I miss Adam!

Joe...not so much.