Friday, December 21, 2007


We're not actually twins as you can easily see - we may as well be - our lives are just about exactly the same. I'm blessed to have my sister so much a part of my life.

This last week of school before Christmas vacation we had a lot of dress up days. One of them was for you to get a buddy and dress like them. Susannah and I have the same style and end of buying the same clothes sometimes . . . the exact same clothes. We even have matching bracelets and earrings in this picture. Our shoes are even the same! The sad thing is, that this was pretty easy and we could have done this with more than one outfit.

It's funny, every year I have to explain to the kids that no, it's not weird that we're both named "Ms. Bushman." They think our parents are psychotic for naming us the same thing.


adamwarr said...

who's who?

adamwarr said...

is that some sort of photo-magic optical illusion or something?

Alona said...

You're hilarious!

Kristal said...

I freaking love you guys!!!!