Tuesday, December 4, 2007


We had a big metro activity last weekend that featured inflatable sumo suits. We sure enjoyed ourselves.

Susannah was one of the first. She wrestled Cynthia.

The suits are not so flattering. Susannah warmed up with some serious stretching.

She was kind enough to help me get suited up for my match with Abraham. He killed me.

Here, fierce competitors Jen and Bradford get ready to face off.

Bishop and Sister Chappell even got in on the fun.

Their match was probably more fun than ours were.

Despite the fun, there were several injuries. Ethan and Jeremy suited up and ran at each other at full speed. They hit so hard that their heads knocked together. Jeremy's chin was split open pretty badly. Ethan bit a big hole in his lip.

I either broke or sprained my pinkie toe! Ouch! It got worse that that too. I know, I probably need a pedicure! Another guy at the activity got a concussion from being knocked down so hard. I think his head got whipped down. Overall fun though!

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