Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tandem Bike

My dad was at a yard sale a month or so ago and saw a tandem bike. He was going to buy it, but there was another lady there who also wanted it. He was there first, but, being the nice guy that he is, said he'd do "paper, rock, scissors" for the bike. He lost, so she got it. Susannah then had the fantastic idea to get a tandem bike for our parents for Christmas! She looked on Ebay, won an auction for a brand new bike in Houston that was already packaged. We fit it in her Honda Accord and brought it to the parents' house in San Angelo!
Next, we found a hidden spot in the backyard and instructed the parents they were not allowed outside anymore.
We thought we'd be able to do it all on our own, but were super grateful to our brother, the giant, who helped us a whole lot. Also, thanks to Adam Warr via phone for the tips.

Sus and I tried to take a picture of ourselves with the finished bike on Christmas Eve, but it was already too dark to get the bike in the picture really.

Early Christmas morning - okay, it was 7:00 - while my parents were out taking a walk, we brought the bike in in front of the tree to surprise them. They were pleasantly surprised!

After some adjustments, they took it out for a spin!

They're a couple of pros, I tell you! Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad!


Tyler Bushman said...

What an cool gift. I'm sure that will be a special memory for all of you guys for a long time.

Call Fam said...

I love the tandem bike. What a great idea!

Kristal said...


Bea said...

Well said.