Thursday, July 10, 2008


I had to interrupt my trip picture for this quick little bit of fun. I got this idea from a couple of my friends' blogs I was surfing.

What you do is write a favorite memory you have of you and I in the comments of this post. Then put a post like this on your blog so your friends can write about memories of you.

Sounds like fun to me!


Valerie said...

I remember swinging on a rope over the ditch at somebody's house in JC. And sleeping out in the backyard while it was still Grandma's house. Cousins chasing cousins. Playing ghost in the graveyard til they made us go to bed. I loved visiting you guys in Joe City!!

Raysha said...

Wow, there are so many fun ones (many nights of kick the can and other fun games.) The one I'm sharing is from one of your birthday sleepovers. Some were sleeping inside and some outside. Some of us decided to go walk the streets of JC in our pajamas and toilet paper some houses. We wrote on the Tubbs' trampoline and were scared away by the Petersons (I think that was their name.) Fun times!

kristal said...

Ahhh, of coarse the prank phone calls which happen quite frequently, and have for years. TPing the Westovers, 6 flags, that ferry thing, the strand, wrestling my husband til the claws came out, simply fondue, and of coarse the fat lady showing Jase her boobs from the bus. Ahh, those were the days! You need to repost this one at the top so more people can see it and respond