Friday, July 18, 2008


So, I know I've really overloaded you with pictures from our trip, but our friend, Katherine just got home and we got the pictures from her camera. Rather than upload them to the posts where they'd fit (and never be seen), I thought I'd just pick a few favorites and do ONE LAST POST FROM OUR TRIP.
I actually didn't know she'd taken this picture of us sleeping on the roof in Jerusalem. I also didn't know that the vein in my head pops out when I'm sleeping. Yikes!
This picture is of the supposed birthplace of Christ. It is inside the Church of the Nativity and I never did get a clear shot of it since there were so many people in there.
The doorway to get in and out of the Church of the Nativity was ridiculously small.
Katherine posed for a picture in Jerusalem holding one of our favorite foods we ate there. They were these little hazelnut pastries that were SO good.
I might have to make this one my favorite picture of the moment. I believe Susannah uploaded this one as her new Facebook profile picture. It's a great shot of the Dead Sea and a great shot showing her right on top of that buoyant water.
This is a picture of our mini-bus driver who took us from the Taba border back to Cairo. This was at a restaurant on the way where we stopped for lunch and for a break for him to smoke a Shisha pipe. These were a common sight in both Israel and Egypt. I believe the boy is his son, but I'm not sure.The bus driver had a bit of a crush on Katherine. She was somewhat freaked out by it. He wanted his picture with all of us and her face in this one with the two of them made us laugh pretty hard.
I think I mentioned that we all had to smash into a taxi just outside of Cairo from the mini bus. This is a picture we had our new Canadian friend take for us trying to show how squished we really were. There were 9 of us in a very small station wagon. Not the most fun I had in Egypt.
We all took a picture like this with the pyramids, but I like hers the best.
Katherine's shot of Susannah dismounting the camel is also way better than mine. It shows the angle and why it's so hard to stay on when they're sitting down (and getting up for that matter).

She shot a cool video of us on the camels at the pyramids. It shows how bouncy the ride was; we rode for an hour and a half!
This is one Katherine took in Luxor after Susannah and I left. It was too beautiful for me not to post.
I also liked her shot of the Nile with all the feluccas on it with a fantastic background!


Gene said...

Thanks for sharing....It looked like a fun vacation in a Holy Land. How neat that you could have that experience. Hugs, Aunt Gene

Westover Bunch said...

What a blast. Egypt is one of our dream vacations. When we get the chance to go, we will have to call you for tips. Matt asked me to please ask you how your parents are doing!

Beau & Jessica said...

I am so excited to have you linked to my blogspot! Beau and I check yours out all the time to see what you are up to! Say hi to your parents for us!

Kristal said...

Awesome pictures...LOVE LOVE LOVE that one of Suz on the dead sea. She bettered blow that up and frame it. It looks like relaxing art. maybe I'll have Jase put it up in his office.

Raysha said...

Fun pics. I also like the one of Susannah. I'm so jealous, you traveling woman. Oh, there was a girl that grew up in Willcox named Katherine Thom. Wierd, huh???

123checkoutthefamily said...

How fun to ride on camels. I'm glad you added these extras...they're fun!

Carlykins said...

I have to say I completely ENVY you guys for this trip. What memories of a lifetime. Absolutely wonderful!

Only one question, Did you bring back a jar of Dead Sea Mud ? ;) LOL