Monday, July 21, 2008

Random Fun

This post has a few events that aren't necessarily related, but were fun.
Adam's brother Jared came to Houston for a visit. We hung out with them several times. We had to take a "brother/sister" picture.
For FHE last week, Abraham had a fun activity. He packed flour into a plastic cup and then turned it upside down on a tray and removed the cup. He then put a Hershey kiss on top. Each person in the group had to take turns cutting edges off until the tower collapses. The one who makes it collapse has to put his or her face in the flour to retrieve and eat the kiss. It was a lot of fun.
We played 3 times and boys lost each time. We were pleased to see that Abraham was one of them . . .
and Adam was another.
This last one was just too funny not to post. We had Adam try on my hat the Julie Clifford made and he was making all sorts of faces. We also liked that the colors sort of matched his skin and hair tones.

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Anonymous said...

That cross-eyed dude looks like a deranged elf.