Sunday, July 6, 2008


We're back! I was actually hoping to have this one posted before I got home. I got most of the pictures uploaded when I was in Cairo, but didn't quite get it finished.
On our way to London, we got upgraded to World Class Traveler Plus which is just a little less than first class. We got all sorts of free stuff and felt really pampered.
Once we got to London and were able to store our backpacks in the hostel we were staying at, we took the tube downtown and got out right by Big Ben and and Parliment buildings which are right behind me in this picture.
This shot is from the other side of the building. We loved the phone booths. They reminded us of the Harry Potter movies and I was happy that I got Big Ben in the shot as well.
Here we are in front of a set of doors at Westminster Abbey. It was amazing.
Here's a better view of Westminster. We went to a musical church service there called Evensong. It was beautiful music in an amazing building.
One of the best things we did was to take a double decker bus tour around London all day. We saw lots of cool stuff.
This is St. Paul's Cathedral. This is a shot from the bus.
We're on the London Bridge here looking at the tower bridge. It was pretty impressive.
Here we are in front of the tower bridge. This was taken from the wall of the London Tower - one of our very favorite places in London.
This was the White Tower inside the tower of London. This is where the Kings and Queens of England used to live. The Tower of London is where the crown jewels are and also where lots of royal executions took place - including Ann Boleyn.
They had lots of cool weapons and armor inside the white tower. I'm standing in front of a model of a horse and rider - both decked out in armor.
Susannah's standing next to some giant sized armor.
When we bought the tickets for the double decker bus tour, it included a little tour down the Thames River. It was very relaxing.
That night we headed to watch Wicked. If you look closely, you can see Susannah near the furthest door to the right. She's picking up our tickets at will call.
The stage looked really cool so I had to take a picture.
We tried to get us AND the stage, but it didn't quite work.
The final shot was just after the performance. I have to admit, Wicked was on the top of the list of things we did in London.
We went to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard.
This statue is in front of Buckingham Palace.
There were two types of guards there. These guys were one set.
These were the ones I'd seen in pictures before. They were playing some pretty cool music including Thriller, Indiana Jones, some Bon Jovi, and other great tunes.
There were tons of people there!
Susannah had me take this shot of her for Abraham since he calls her "Curly Lion Head."
We took a train out to Windsor to tour the castle, but it closed 5 minutes before we got there. It was a cool town and an awesome castle!
We took some cool shots while we were eating lunch one day in a little park.
Susannah's trying her first "Pasty." They were really good.
The last place we visited in London was Kensington Palace. It was pretty cool and had awesome gardens.
I snapped this shot of Susannah as we were going down the escalator to the tube. We got pretty proficient at the public transportation system in London. It was very convenient.
I really liked the look of this station. Most of them were underground, but this one wasn't. It reminded me a little of Harry Potter.

We took this one the day we left. This is the stop was the closest to our hostel. We used it every day. London was a lot of fun - expensive, but fun.


mom said...

Glad you're back, I've missed your blog entries. Now I can get back to just general worrying. The pictures are great, I can't wait until the next installment.

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had an awesome trip! Stinks to come back to real life. The pictures are awesome.

Valerie said...

Wow, when are you going back? Take me with you!

kristal said...

I still can't believe you guys didn't invite me on this trip! How much FUNNER woudl it have been?! Um, ok, I'm just super jealous! I've wanted to go to London and Paris FOREVER!

Jennifer said...

If London Bridge is falling down how did you make it across?????

Bushmwc said...
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Bushmwc said...

We LOVE London! We thought we had a very skewed view of it because the three days we were there it was GORGEOUS, no rain at all. However, it looks like you had the same experience, so maybe it's not as bad as they say. Glad you had a safe and wonderful trip!