Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Favorite Olympian

First of all, I just have to say that I LOVE the Olympics - especially the summer games.
I have loved watching swimming and gymnastics thus far. I was especially excited to hear that one of my favorite athletes was going to be in the games this year . . .
Rich Lambourne! He was a BYU men's volleyball player when I was at BYU forever ago. He went on to play internationally and has been on the USA team for quite a while. He's one of the best volleyball players I've ever seen. He played outside hitter when I was at BYU, but is now the libero for the US team. Did I mention that I also had a giant crush on the guy? I was SO excited when I heard he'd be playing.
Here's a picture of team USA. I don't believe this was taken at the Olympics. I was also excited to hear another of my favorite BYU players was on the team - Ryan Millar. He's 3rd from the left and Rich is 3rd from the right. I loved watching them play.
Here's a picture of Millar hitting with a not so cute picture of Rich in the background. Millar is one of the best middle hitters EVER. He's deadly. Rich isn't super photogenic. I found a great video from Johnson's that shows how cute he is. Click HERE to see it!
This picture shows just how much I love my blog readers. I can't believe I'm posting this. It is a revolting picture that was taken of me when I got up the guts to get my picture taken with Rich MANY years ago. It was funny because in the first picture the flash didn't go off. I didn't care - I wanted to be out of there because I was so freaked out. He asked if I wanted to take another one because the flash didn't go off. I said okay, but in both pictures I look ridiculous. This one is the least ridiculous and the better picture of Rich. Sorry it's poor quality - I just snapped a picture of a picture. Incidentally, if anyone sees the team playing, let me know. I can't seem to catch them!


Anonymous said...

Who's the volleyball player standing next to vader.

Jennifer said...

That's kind of Cool!