Saturday, August 9, 2008

Farewell to the Warr

The sad day has finally arrived. After several failed attempts, Adam has finally moved out of the state of Texas. He had to go this time because he was accepted into law school out in Idaho and it starts August 18th.
After Jen and I finished our shift at the temple, we stopped by to say our good-byes. Susannah was already there. Abraham stopped by soon after we got there. We actually helped Adam get all his stuff packed in his little car. He's lucky my middle name is "make it fit."
Of course we had to take some good-bye shots with the gang. I don't know why we try; photographing small children is probably an easier task. In this picture, my ponytail is being pulled. The guys actually look pretty normal.
Abraham had my head in this one. Lovely.
This one turned out pretty good minus Adam's strange look and his fingers that are indenting my neck.
The boys did hug good-bye nicely, but when I tried to get a picture, this is what happened. Seriously!
Funny shot of these two yahoos.
Aww! This one is a nice one. I'll really miss that guy. He was really nice. He made me a couple of CDs and even wrote a nice letter where he listed 10 things he liked about me. I decided to return the favor below:

10 things I like about Adam
1. He is one of the funniest people I have EVER met.

2. He's genuinely interested in people. He listens and asks great questions.

3. He comes up with nice surprises for us (concert tickets, hooks to hang up bikes in the garage - including installation, a new bell for my huffy, etc.).

4. He's compassionate and a friend to everyone. He can talk to anyone and make them feel important and part of the group.

5. He really thinks about things and thus, has a lot of great insights into people and especially the gospel.

6. He comes up with inventive nicknames for people and for interesting wrestling moves.

7. He knows me better than most people do and he still likes me.

8. He has a wide range of interests and is always expanding his knowledge/learning new things. He's an avid reader.

9. He doesn't like to have his armpits tickled. Trust me, this is helpful information.

10. He is very creative at finding new ways to scare us.

We'll really miss you, Mr. Warr!


mom said...

What will we do without Adam stories?

kristal said...

He's an idiot for not getting a Bushwife in Humble. IDIOT!
Good Ridance!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that the Warr really misses his Bushwives. I wonder if he ever felt like a polygamist . . . ?