Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fu Manchu

We hadn't seen our family since Mother's Day, so Susannah and I made a quick trip to San Angelo to visit. It worked out perfectly - we were there for Adam's 19th birthday!
Our parents were in Dallas the first day we were there so we spent some quality time with the Giant. He took this shot of us on the two seater.
Check out those muscles!
This is the daring shot of the day since we were still moving when she took this picture.
Adam has some serious Chinaman action going on with his facial hair. He says it's because his shaver is broken. I couldn't get a good shot with the mustache hair too, so you can settle with the beard action. He said he was growing out a Fu Manchu. Lovely.
We took him out for lunch at Carino's on his actual birthday.
We also chipped in with the parents to get him "Rock Band" for the Wii. We had tons of fun on it. I don't know which element I liked the best, but the drums were the most challenging for me.
The Giant works at a Town & Country gas station. We stopped by to say goodbye to him at work just before we left. He's a pretty talented fajita maker.
We got back after visiting him and started packing up the car. My mom left before we did so she could get to an appointment. It was after she left that I realized I didn't have any pictures of my parents. My dad was kind enough to pose for this one with Susannah.
I asked my mom to take a picture of them so I could have one of them in my post. She sent me this on from their trip to Mexico for a work trip. This was in May. They're so cute!

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