Saturday, August 9, 2008

Memory Lane

Several weeks ago, I got an email from my good friend Whitney's wife, Bridget. She said they'd be in Houston and were going to have a surprise one month belated birthday party for Whitney.
Here's the birthday boy with the cake Jen made him (it's just like the one she made for him when he was leaving Houston for medical school) and the peach pie I made for him.
This is a little family shot with Whitney, his wife, and son, Eli. Bridget is expecting their second child in February.
Here's a shot of some of the old gang. Well, it's kind of a mixed gang. Jen was in and out of Houston when I hung out with those boys and Whitney actually moved before Susannah came to Texas, but she did hang out with him when we'd visit in College Station.
I had to do a before and after shot to show how we've changed. This picture was taken probably about 4-5 years ago if I remember correctly. We look pretty young here.
Here we are now! It was great to get caught up with the guys. Whit had all sorts of crazy emergency room stories (he's in the ER for his residency out in PA) and Brad already has some doozies from the DA's office here in Houston.


kristal said...

you're short

Alona said...

I'm average! They're really tall! Whitney's 6'2" and Brad is 6'5"!

Jennifer said...

What a good group of friends you have! Those were the good ol' days