Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fishing with the Mexican

Saturday morning Susannah and I went fishing with Abraham.
He took us out to this place just a few minutes from our house. It was so beautiful out there! We'll definitely have to go back out there.
He probably felt like our babysitter since he would get the fishing poles all ready for us - even baiting our hooks. We really appreciate the moments of NICE! :)
Susannah took several cool reflection shots of the sun and trees. This was my favorite of the bunch. I actually dropped my camera case with my camera in it and it rolled into the water! YIKES! My camera appears to be fine. The case got a little wet.
We noticed something moving along the opposite shore. Sure enough, it was an ALLIGATOR! I'm pretty zoomed in so this picture's a little dark. You can still make him out, though. His eye reflected my flash.
In this video you can see him swimming stealthily along. I'm glad we spotted him.
Later on we saw these signs. This one cracked me up.
This one gives us a little proof that we weren't actually hallucinating. We saw a real alligator in the wild! By the way, wouldn't you have to be crazy to "annoy" an alligator? Actually, now that I think about it, I bet many people I know might try that.
We had to take a group shot before we left. Not the most flattering of any of us. Apparently I'm being shot in the head.
I made Abraham climb that cool tree so I could get this shot. There were some pretty big spiders up there. It's a good thing Susannah didn't climb it.
This tree was so cool. It was coming right out of the middle of the river. Beautiful!


mom said...

Cool alligator! Did you catch any fish?

Alona said...

Sadly, no luck on the catching of any fish!

Jessica said...

I love the olympics too, swimming and gymnastics are my favorite! Cool fishing spot, kinda scary about the alligator though!