Sunday, August 10, 2008

The longest day ever!

Saturday was one of the longest days ever! Susannah and I left our house at 6:30 in the morning and didn't get home until almost 11:30 pm!
Our first item of business was the "mini mini mini marathon" that our bishop's wife, Sister Chappell created. It was just a walk so we could get our daily points for our ward's fitness competition. Sadly, of our entire ward Relief Society, this was the turn-out including myself. I guess 7:00 am on a Saturday must not be the most popular time for an activity.
We walked about 2 miles from the Chappell's house to La Madeline on Market Street in The Woodlands. It was a lot of fun. L-R Sister Chappell, Kim, Shelly, Heather, ME!
Sister Chappell wanted Susannah in the picture so she snapped another one. She's so sweet. She also bought us all breakfast. We then walked the 2 miles back to her house.
The next stop on our list was the Cook's house. We delivered and helped cut up fruit in preparation for the luau. We then headed to the Cypress Stake Center and helped for awhile with decorations for the luau. Nichole lent us her key so we could go shower at her apartment. When we got all cleaned up, we went to Travis' wedding reception (pictured in the post below). We then came back to the church to practice our dances and help with any last minute things that needed to be done.
After we ate the delicious food, there was a program. The first dance was a hula performed by cute Megan and Joe. It was fantastic.
Megan's been helping us to make skirts like the one she's wearing. We just need to get them finished. They're not hard, but are very cute!
We were up next after those two. We didn't practice much, but I think it went alright.
Here's a hiney shot for you. If you want to see live action, just watch the video from my luau post last year (it's also on my facebook profile). It's the same dance, but Joe didn't dance with us this year.
This was a shot from the couples hula we did. I love how we color coordinated with our partners. I was in the back with the guy in the colored Hawaiian shirt. My partner didn't show up, so we taught him the dance 1/2 hour before the luau started. Understandably, we got stuck in the back.
I thought I'd end with this shot of Joe. This was him all decked out right before the Haka. He brought up a bunch of guys from the audience to teach them some moves. Thanks to Brad for taking the pictures of the dancing for me!

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123checkoutthefamily said...

Ya'll were awesome at the Luau. We always enjoy dropping in and watching. It was great to see ya'll!