Saturday, August 9, 2008


A few things lately have really made me miss Hawaii! I keep thinking about it because the annual YSA Houston Metro area luau is just around the corner.
Also turning my thoughts to that lovely place are the plumerias that have finally decided to bloom in my front yard. That is the best smell in the entire world.
Here's a close-up that I love!
The other major factor in my missing Hawaii, is I picked Megan up from the airport the other day. She was coming back after a month long visit to her home island of Maui - my second home. She brought some delicious Maui Gold pineapple which is THE BEST!
Here she is cutting one up for us! YUM! Thanks, Megan!


mom said...

I still marvel at how cool it is that Megan Akinaha ended up in Houston in your circle of friends. We still need to find out where Traci MacCluer is.

Alona said...

Thanks for reminding me about Traci! I wonder if Megan knows her - she's probably too young.