Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day at the beach

Kirsten is moving to UT soon and reminded us that she had never been to the beach while living in TX. We decided to remedy that right away, We planned a trip down to Surfside for Memorial Day. We soon found that Nate was planning on making the same trip with his kids so we decided to combine.
Here he is making a sand castle with his two youngest.
We decided to expand the group as well and most of our ward ended up being invited, along with some others. I never did a total count, but there were well over 20 people there. Here's a group playing football. We also had a big BBQ! The weather was perfect.
I decided to have some fun with Susannah's camera. She was a funny model. This is my favorite of the ones we took. Bad news for Susannah - no sunscreen + lots of sun = sunburn. She is still peeling and her wedding is in a about 36 hours! Poor thing!
Here are some of the best girls in the world. What a fun group of friends! Too bad the two yahoos on the right are leaving me!
Susannah took about a million pictures of Jackson and Junior because they're so stinkin cute. Not to say Nate's other three aren't adorable as well, they just had more important things to do than pose for pictures while at the beach.
Cute Jackson!
I love this one of Junior. He cuddled up on my lap for awhile. Always a fun time.
Someone found the front half of a dead fish floating near the beach. It was disgusting. Nate finally picked it up and threw it away (after this picture, of course) because all the kids were poking it. Gross!

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