Friday, June 12, 2009


I've had a very theatrical last several days.
Yesterday I traveled to San Antonio to watch . . .
My mom had actually seen that it was coming and got the non-honeymooning part of our family tickets a little while ago. I met the fam there. Before the show, we walked around a bit. I had someone take our picture in front of the Alamo. Too bad it's so light you can't even see it.
We ate at Fuddruckers and the Giant decided to try one of the 1 lb burgers. Even he couldn't finish it! That was one big burger.
I snapped this one after eating to prove we actually were by the Alamo, and no, it doesn't have a basement.
I took this one of the parents right across the street from the Alamo. There was a preacher guy out there. My dad really wanted to join him.
Here's a nice "eyes closed" shot of me by this cool church. The show was fantastic! I thought the ladies who played Elphaba and Galinda were amazing in this production. Definitely just as good as when I saw it in London last summer!


Mom said...

I loved it!! Especially now that everyone is home safe after a late night drive!!

Matt and Andrea said...

I'm completely jealous. Wicked came to Salt Lake, but the cheapest tickets we could find were over $200 each. So I'm still Wicked-less. But I can sing every word from all of the songs. =)

Jennifer said...

WhOOP I get to see WICKED!! Um NOW I just have to find a MAROON dress. :) THANKS