Monday, June 8, 2009

Wedding Overview

Alright, I know it's Susannah's wedding and all, but she's on her honeymoon and I wanted to get some pictures up. I actually have her permission to do this post. I am just doing an overview - a slightly long overview. There are literally hundreds of pictures, so this is just a small fraction.
I'm going to start with the BBQ we had Friday night. We were lucky enough to have Kym and Laura come in from AZ to celebrate with us. They were a lot of help!
We had the BBQ at my house and it was the first time that the Warrs met the Bushmans. Susannah and I had met the Warrs, and Adam had met our family, but our families had yet to meet. This is a picture of Adam's parents, his brother Jared, and brother-in-law, Rick.
My and my dad chillin and BBQ.
This picture may seem a bit inappropriate. I have an inside joke with Adam about an apron and this is just further taunting. His family enjoyed it, I think.
After the food and fun, we set to work on the bouteniers (sp?) for the gentlemen in the wedding party and some bouquets for the ladies. Even Adam helped! Good work!
I loved the flowers she had! The colors were awesome!
The morning of the wedding, I went with Susannah to get her hair done by our good friend Kelly. It took about an hour for this lovely updo. Kelly also did a 10 minute hairstyle on me that turned out really cute!
This is just as she was finishing up the style.
We came home and finished getting ready and then headed to the temple.
The sealing was awesome. This is just as they were coming out of the temple. Just a disclaimer as well. I took most of these; they are not the professional ones that our cousin's wife, Wendy took. Hers will be much nicer and will probably show up on Susannah's blog sometime soon!
Here are the joined Bushman and Warr families. All the girls except my mom and Adam's mom have our eyes closed in this one. Oh well!
It was a killer trying to get everyone posed for these pictures. We have some large group ones that will be posted sometime soon.
Here's Susannah with the Warr clan. Adam's brothers-in-law and niece are not in this shot. It's his immediate family.
Susannah saw this pose at another wedding. I thought it was super cute.
Awwww! Sister shot!
Fun one of the girls!
I also like this one of Sus with my dad. I didn't take one of our family. We'll have to wait for Wendy's photos to see that one!
I like this fun one with Susannah and the Warr siblings!
I came up with this little pose. I thought it was really cute.
Great lighting. My dad took this one.
After we left the temple, we had some boxed lunches from Jason's Deli at the Kleinwood building. I didn't take many pictures there. This is a cool shot, though. All of my dad's living siblings and their spouses were at the sealing.
Jen did a fantastic job with the wedding cake! It was beautiful, and it tasted delicious!
Things got arranged really nicely. I really like how the flowers with the citrus came out.
They had just a little line with both sets of parents at the reception. It was held at our Bishop's house. It was lovely!
We snapped a quick roommate picture. I don't know why we didn't grab Kirsten! Dang it!
What cute parents I have!
Jokesters as always!
Susannah's kindergarten team came as well. It was great to see them! Other PFE folks that came included Kristin Zill, Donna Clowers, and Janelle Wiggin! Go Panthers (and spouses/significant others)!
Kirsten and Kim did a surprise musical number. It was beautiful and we got the whole thing recorded. It is not, however, downloaded and ready to be uploaded, so I'll post that at another time. They had Adam write some of the words and it was so nice!
I had to snap this picture of Whitney and Jared doing their "no lips" pose. I think they have some sort of joke or story to go along with it.
Here's Susannah, just getting ready to leave! Have fun in Mexico, you crazy kids!

I had my mom snap a picture of the back of my hair later that night before I took out the 49 bobby pins! It was a wonderful day! Thanks to everyone who helped!


deej said...

such great pics and memories!! I think your saying from Emerson on your wall is so appropriate . . . Life is not counted by years, but by memories . . . (or that's the deej version) And we had some wonderful memories that will last for an eternity! Thanks for sharing these!

Mom said...

Great post!! I'm glad you got a picture of the food table. I hadn't seen one yet.

Hansen Family said...

You guys did great on the wedding and everything was beautiful! Glad I got to go! Hope to see you this summer sometime!!!


crack'n up ourselves said...

Cute hair Alona! Thanks for posting the pics. I wish I could have come.

The Sorensens said...

I've been waiting to see pictures...Thanks for updating us! It looked like a great time was had by all. Everything looked beautiful!

okbushmans said...

I'm so glad we could be apart of it! Everything turned out GREAT! It was so good to see you, and you have to come visit this summer!

Dadra said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day! Wish we could have been there...thanks for posting pictures so we could all see what it was like!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

It was great seeing ya'll at the reception. Everything was beautiful...especially the bride and her sister. :)

j&krosser said...

Thanks for posting the pics! How fun. I love the picture of you and Susannah.

Teresa said...

What a beautiful wedding! I'm sure it was very exciting and sad for her to leave. I haven't lived in the same city with my sister for 16 years so I think it's so great you had that chance to live close to her AND with her. Those are special memories most people don't get to have with close siblings as adults. Love the hair.

Whidget said...

Fun photos--we didn't even know your sis was getting married. Congrats to her! :-)

Bridget & Whitney