Friday, June 5, 2009

School's OUT!

It's official! My summer has begun. I thought I'd share a few end of the school year pictures to celebrate.
This was taken on our awards and picnic day. Right after this, the kids performed their fairytale plays and I passed out classroom awards.
Of course we had to do a silly picture. Some of them look pretty scary!
Our last week was also filled with field trips. We headed to another elementary school to watch a bug performance with some other first graders. It was really good.
We also took a walking field trip to the public library to encourage summer reading. This is a picture of half of the first graders in our school. The others went on another day.
I snapped this one of the youth librarian showing the kids around. They loved it and the weather wasn't ridiculously bad for our walk like it could have been. I am now officially done with school for the summer and couldn't be happier . . . well, maybe happier if Susannah wasn't moving out of my house! :(

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