Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday Madness

We had a busy Monday in preparation for the big summer road trip.
We took Jen out to lunch for her birthday which is this coming Thursday - sorry we'll miss it Jen!
We wanted to include Adam in this picture, but too bad his eyes are closed!
We had FHE at our house and did my dad's scale activities to test our strength. Nate was the winner for most pounds.
Scott came in second. I'm not telling how I rated.
Here's Nate trying out a new way to squeeze the scale. Yikes!
Here's our muscular FHE group pose. We actually did this activity in preparation for . . .
helping to move Susannah's stuff into the large rented truck. It was a service activity for us and we got pretty much everything but last minute stuff loaded up.
We had some popsicles and wrestling afterward for those who stuck around. I love this shot of Susannah pretending to chop Nate. She and Adam got these luchador masks for my dad and Abraham on their trip to Mexico.
I was having a hard time seeing out of the one I had on.
I wrestled with Katherine later that night. I don't know why we didn't get a picture of that, but I'm really glad. I beat her at leg wrestling, but she beat me at regular old wrestling. One of my rubber bands fell out so Nate re-braided and fixed it for me.
Today we're off! I'll try to keep everyone posted on our travels!


Teresa said...

So funny. Have fun on your trip!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for going out to dinner to celebrate and for the tickets. Hope you havea fun trip.