Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tubing the Guadelupe

This post is a little out of order. I went on this trip the weekend before we went to Hawaii, but these pictures were taken on an underwater camera and I didn't get it developed until I was in Hawaii!
It was for the "midsingles" group. We had a fun group from our area - Kim, Nate, Scott, Stacie, Julie, and myself. We met up with others from San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas areas.
Julie just got dumped out of her tube by none other than Nate. We all got tipped over. I think I was tipped 3 times.
Here are smiley Scott and Stacie.
Nate got a football that we had a lot of fun with. Someone else ended up taking it home, though somehow.
Some people did some tricks off of branches and rope swings. It was entertaining.
This was my Chaco's first real adventure. They held up really well and gave me a very interesting tan line.
Here's Nate about to tip Kim. There's no escape.
It was quite pretty, especially right here where we got out. I'm really happy I didn't get burned. I saved it all for Hawaii! :)


Susannah said...

I miss those days...minus the tipping! Can't wait to see the rest of the underwater pictures!

Valerie said...

Man, I love visiting your blog bc you always have an ADVENTURE to post! I will live vicariously through you!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

You do always have an adventure. How fun! I haven't been tubing in a while. I think it would be fun to tip but my luck I'd probably get tipped.

I tried that when we went rafting a few years back(just before we were married) and well, Matt took me in the river. It was FREEZING! I think I learned my lesson.

Gene said...

fun photo's....thanks for sharing. love you!