Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lake Travis

A few of us went on a super fun weekend getaway to Lake Travis in Austin.
Bro. Williams, who was in the Bishopric of our old ward recently bought a lake house out there. Katherine was chatting with him and he invited her out with some friends. Here she is on one of their jet skis.
Wendy and Kristin are swimming here right off of their dock. They were having fun on those little noodles. I love Wendy's pose.
They had a really nice boat and there was a lot of tubing going on. I got this one where Katherine's getting a little air. I didn't tube due to the terrifying ride I had a few summers ago.
Here's a little photo refresher to remind you of my terror! Sorry I look like a sumo wrestler.
Here are Bro. Williams and Katherine on the boat. You can tell he's been on a jet ski.
We were riding around and some people were tubing when Bro. Williams' son Eric came by on the jet ski and splashed us really good. I think I got it the worst.
I sure like these girls! We had a lot of fun!
One of the coolest things we did was we all piled in the boat and rode it over to the restaurant that's behind Bro. Williams. We had dinner there then rode back to his house.
Eric was taking Samira and Ali out on tubes with a jet ski. It was pretty cool. He gave them a more extreme ride than Bro. Williams did on the boat.
It was so pretty out there and the weather was great.
This is a view from the small lake house out to the lake.
This is just a slightly different angle. I wanted to get the dock in the picture.
Behind the little lake house is this bigger one that they're working on. It was pretty impressive.
This deck is on the big house and was awesome!
This is the other side with the hot tub!
This is the view back to the little lake house. This was such a fun place to be. I hope we get to visit here again!


Wendy Sue said...

Fun, fun, fun... who knew that there was such a picturesque place right in the middle of Texas!

Susannah said...

That's awesome! I'm a little jealous..

deej said...

So glad you're still finding (and creating) fun wherever you are! I do hope the terrifying tubing experience you referred to wasn't courtesy of The Vic . . .

Amanda said...

Tubing is my ALL TIME favorite. This looks like a blast. :) So glad you got to go boating. Miss you