Sunday, August 29, 2010

School's back in session!

So, it's that time of year again!
The week before the kids came, we had all sorts of meetings. During the big convocation a bunch of us got to ride there in a limo again. Someone donated two of them to take us to the convocation.
This is half of our limo group!
Here are the rest of us!
I had to put this picture of the Kindergarten team in for Susannah since I know she misses a lot of these ladies!
Here's my class this year. I took them outside for this picture, but it was way too bright!
This indoor one turned out much better. I think we're going to have a good year, though they're pretty chatty right now!
Here are their silly faces.
Sorry this picture is on it's side, but I forgot to flip it when I downloaded them to my computer. Our first grade Spanish Immersion teacher got this as a gift from one of the parents of her students and I thought it was so cute! It reminded me of the diaper cakes people sometime make for baby showers!


Wendy Sue said...

Cute little kids, I hope they're an excellent class for you!!

Susannah said...

Thanks for the kindergarten picture. tell them I miss them!

Teresa said...

Cute kids. So can you believe I have a 1st grader this year? Cameron 1st and K for Braeden next year. So I loved that supply cake. I may have to steal that idea next year. :) So Cameron is in dual immersion this year! With Christian being from Argentina we've tried teaching him spanish but he didn't pick up too much and mostly does memorized prayers. But he says he understands her so far so maybe he picked up more than we thought. He's excited to be fluent so he can also talk to his cousins and grandparents in Spanish. It was one of those last minute "ideas" From Thusday till school started Tuesday. Bad news, the one by our house had a 10 person waiting list. Good news, another one had 1 on the list and 2 drop outs the day before so he got right in. Bad news, it's 20 minutes away. Good news we had to buy a new car for me (we just had 1) so I could take him and I love my decked out 7 passenger SUV - GMC Envoy with enough trunk space to actually go shopping or take a stroller. So lots of changes but I think he'll love the program. Not all schools have it here.

Amanda said...

It's fun to see familiar faces :D