Sunday, August 29, 2010

So long Washburns!

I really like having family close here in Houston, especially since my immediate family isn't in Texas anymore.
We had a family dinner the other night and Claudia made some Cafe Rio pork burritos that were DELICIOUS!
The only sad part about the dinner was that it was a farewell dinner for the Washburns who have now moved out east! I need get out there and visit them and my cousin Jason's family sometime!


Wendy Sue said...

Daylen was pretty blown away that Dannen's the only one of his family still in Texas!

Dadra said...

Fun pictures!! I love Austin...I've told Jason that is probably the only place in Texas I would be willing to move back to!! And, yes you really do need to make a visit out here to see us sometime. We have a room just for you!!

Hansen Family said...

Hey you still haven't visited us here and we live closer! Come on Alona!!!!