Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Destroy You Is No Loss

I just finished an amazing book called "To Destroy You Is No Loss." It's an amazing true story about a Cambodian family's survival through the Khmer Rouge (Communist) take-over during the 70s that resulted in about 1.5 million deaths.
I would highly recommend it. I didn't know anything about this. I guess I get too focused on my own life too much.
The book club in my ward read this and a couple of the women found current links and stories about this. This video is about one of the Khmer Rouge child soldiers who's making amends. The complete article is HERE.
THIS ARTICLE is a sad one about the sentencing of one of the executioners.


123 checkoutourfamily said...

It looks like a good book.I'll have to check it out.

We really don't realize how good we have it here.

Susannah said...

I've been looking for another good book...