Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was excited to go on my first camping trip of the season! It's been awhile! I was getting pretty nervous because the weather's been REALLY warm lately, but we got a cool front that rolled in just in time for the weekend.
It actually got quite cold Friday night. I think it got down into the high 40s or low 50s. The bad part about this camping trip is that it's been pretty dry so there was a fire ban. Kath's lantern did not really keep us warm. I love this shot of Katherine was majorly bundled up.
We camped at this really cool spot just off of Lake Conroe. Katherine brought her canoe so we had some fun with that.

My favorite was Jared trying to hit the girls in the canoe with golf balls.
It was just a few of us - Wendy, Katherine, Julie, me, and these two lovebirds - Jared and Kristin. We took lots of pictures with Jared's camera. I'll have to get some of those to put on here.

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Susannah said...

Looks fun...and Jared and Kristin look cute!