Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fry't Night

Last night was so much fun. We had a party at Katherine's house. It was a Halloween/birthday party. Saturday was Katherine's birthday, so we were celebrating hers as well as Julie's birthdays.
I was lucky enough to show up with these 3 guys. Brock was a Rogaine salesman, Shane was an HOV lane (looking for a passenger) and Nate was Mr. T!
Nate's costume was incredible. He spent hours getting ready and was pretty much unrecognizable.
I thought Katherine's costume was super creative and cute. She was a refrigerator magnet.
I was wife #2 in this little arrangement. I thought it was hilarious. I got to use my pregnant belly again from last year. I don't know if you can see the poof in the front of my hair, but I also had it braided down the back. Kristin's uni-brow cracks me up.
I thought Jason and Autumn looked amazing at GI Joe toys! I got there a little late so they were tired of posing, but they'd pose like the little plastic toys.
Aaron and Chantal looked great as well!
Julie's parents made amazing pirates.
Kim and Becca
Tatum & Mauren
I couldn't resist taking this shot of Nate's bling.
I was mixing up some batter and Jared caught this picture of me. It was pretty fitting. It also shows more of my hair. It was nice not wearing any make-up to a party too! :)
Here's Jared's close-up.
You'll notice the title of this post is called "Fry't night." We combined this with a fry party. People brought tons of stuff to fry. These at the top of the picture are oreos. I also tried snickers, pickles, jalepeno poppers, and cheese. Too good, but too bad!!!
This is the fryer set-up. There were two types of batters as well - pancake batter for the sweet stuff and regular fry batter for the rest.
Katherine had a movie set up in her garage too.
Julie was a cowgirl and Nikki was the Octomom. She was hilarious!
Here's a better shot of Brock. He used his work name badge for the before shot and he got this Donald Trump wig for the after. I thought it was pretty creative.
Kath's sister Alicia was "Shrimp on the Barbie." I loved this one. :)
Here we have more Dalmations with Cruella.
Nate was trying to sign a card for Julie and this is how he was bending down! He definitely won for the best costume!
As if all this wasn't enough, there was also sumo wrestling and a fire in the backyard. You can't beat it!


Susannah said...

Those were some incredible costumes!! People really went all out. I'm glad we can have a pregnant belly together! And Nate does look awesome!

Wendy Sue said...

It looks like a fun party!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

wow, what a party! Awesome costumes and activities.

Kirsten said...

those costumes were awesome. although Nate never disappoints on being just a little bit inappropriate! he also never disappoints on being hilarious! wish I could've been there to relive the TMNT days. Mr. Ramey texed and offered me a job in january.. i'm thinking about it!