Sunday, October 31, 2010

School Randomness

I've had a few fun things at school lately that I thought deserved a post.
The other day, toward the end of the day, I got a call from the front office saying my appointment was there. I didn't have an appointment, so I asked who it was and she said "Mr. Buttars." I told her to send him right back. Nate had taken the day off for Jr.'s birthday and they stopped by to say hello on their way to Old MacDonald's Farm. It was fun to have them there for a little bit.
Last weekend, Janelle hosted the second annual "Witches of Pine Forest" party at her house. It was tons of fun. She went all out this year and even had a pinata! Luckily we didn't have any "America's Funniest" moments.
The dynamic is definately different at an adult party with a pinata. No one was running for the candy, but these ladies were all picking through it saying, "My kids like . . . " or "My husband will eat . . . " I thought it was funny.
Just this last Friday, we had a "Pay to Play dress up day" where the kids could pay $2 to dress up like a storybook character. They had some cute costumes. Even Tricia dressed up. Our counselor was Cruela Devil (sp?) and lots of the special ed team dressed up like the dalmations. It was really cute. You can tell that my class has a lot of Star Wars fans. Oh, by the way, this is not my whole class - these are just the ones that dressed up.

Lastly for this post, on Friday, my friend Amanda came in as a vendor for her "Mandy's Wall Candy" business. She brought her little 6 month old named Bentley. He was so cute! You should check out her stuff HERE!


Amanda said...

Yay! I had so much fun visiting your school on Friday!! I am planning to go to Timbers Elem next week because they were there to judge your potties and saw my stuff!! Yay for more work. :D Loving your posts girl!!!

Susannah said...

Bently is so cute!!