Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moving and More

There's a bathroom decorating competition going on at our school. They're supposed to be done to a children's book theme.
Our team decided to do a "Wild About Books" theme so a couple of my teammates got started on the bathroom this last week! Who knew Jeanne was a zebra stripe master. It looks great!.
This post is mostly about moving since now Nate is moving to UT in January. The lease on his apartment was up at the end of September, so he moved in with his sister and had to get rid of a bunch of his stuff. He gave me his table. I got this shot last weekend so I could have my old table in my memory. It is now at goodwill or a new home.
Nate also gave me his brown leather couch which I haven't got a picture of yet. He delivered them last Saturday with his kids. They took some time for a little wrestling fun. It was a great time.
Last Thursday I helped Nate move the rest of his stuff from his apartment and clean it out. Once we got everything done, I wanted to get a picture of him in front of his empty apartment. He had to do his tough guy face.
I asked him to do a normal face, but he wouldn't so I snapped this one real quick when he was in a facial transition.


Wendy Sue said...

Congratulations on all the good furniture from Nate and boo hoo to have yet another friend move away!!

Susannah said...

Glad you got some new stuff! I like how the bathroom is looking!