Sunday, October 31, 2010

Julie's Back!!!

Julie's back for a couple of weeks for a visit. Sadly, we don't get to keep her her whole off season since she's living in Portland this winter.
Anyway, it was Red Ribbon Week this last week at school so we had some dress-up days. Monday was a cowboy day so I was wearing a hat. Earlier Monday evening, Wendy took me out to dinner for my half birthday (nice, right?) and I hadn't even had time to change out of my hat for that. After dinner, I decided to go see Julie since she'd gotten that day. I felt a little sheepish wearing my hat over there so I texted to let her know that I was wearing one. When I walked into the Martin's living room, this is what I saw!
I couldn't stop laughing! Those Martin's are hilarious! We had to do some poses in the hats.
Here's Julie's hat pose!
I was back over at their house on Wednesday for Julie's 30th birthday. She's showing her muscles holding that heavy, but very delicious birthday cake.
Classic Julie face. I think Jared made some remark to her just as she was about to blow out the candles.
She got them out on the first try.
Katherine was the faithful ice cream scooper.

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Susannah said...

I love the hat pictures. They are so funny. I also love Julie's hair.