Sunday, October 3, 2010

Volleyball fiasco

I have a little group who gets together to play volleyball on Tuesday nights.
It's been going on for a couple of years now, and I've meant to take some pictures, but have never really done it. Last Tuesday Dreana brought her camera to get some of us early birds.
Dreana jumped in for this one. She brought me that gum, which is delicious.
Close-up! And a lovely face from Nate.
A few hours later, Dreana dislocated her ankle when she blocked a hit of mine and came down on my foot. It was really bad. We thought it was broken, but it was just dislocated.
Here's the group of us at the hospital as they were about to release her. She was much happier when she found out it wasn't broken! I never want to see a dislocated ankle again!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy Sue said...

I'm glad to see smiles on all of your faces after such a harrowing experience!

Susannah said...

Poor girl. I hope that never happens to me!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I'm so excited that our stake is doing co-ed v-ball. Yay! ouch, poor girl. We had a person from Parkway that did break her ankle. I feel so bad for her. She has 5 kids and has to be off of it for 8 weeks.

deej said...

OUCH!! I've seen one of those dislocated (and broken in 3 places) ankles . . . at the bottom of my own leg - not a sight for the faint of heart! Hope you guys settle down a bit . . . sounds like a dangerous game you play in Texas! How are you doing? Am excited to see you at turkey time!

Carl said...

Pictures are just outstanding and also about Dreana who brought her camera to get some of us early birds,is also beautiful to examine.

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