Friday, November 16, 2007

Going to the zoo

The first grade classes at our school went on a field trip to the zoo last week. The weather was fantastic.

This is 1 of 2 buses full of first graders. My class is near the back of the bus.

We actually took a whole class picture, but it was the ugliest picture of me I've ever seen so I didn't put it on. I stuck this one on instead (not cute, but much better than the alternative). This is the little group I was in charge of. We had lots of parent chaperones.

We saw the coolest bat exhibit in the rainforest area! I love this picture!

They also had this cool little crawl-through in the aquarium in the rain forest area.

Not long ago, we had a little performance where the kids sang the song, "We're going to the zoo." This is a tiny little excerpt. It's a cute song.


*Carly* said...

Did you pee your pants when you saw the bats? LOL =) I am sure you are by far the best teacher!!!!

Alona said...

Luckily the bats were behind glass so I knew they weren't going to land spread-eagle on my back like they did to Jen that once! Even you would have been safe with these bats! That story still makes me laugh!

adamwarr said...

Don't be so vain. I want to see the picture of all the little ones!!!

Alona said...

Maybe if you're real nice I'll show you, but I'm not posting it! :)