Saturday, November 17, 2007

Regina Spektor

I actually have two awesome people to thank for this post. First of all - Adam Warr. This summer when Susannah and I went with him to Lake Powell, we were introduced to Regina Spektor's music and fell in love with some of her songs. When he heard she was coming to Houston, he got us (himself, Susannah, and me) tickets as "early birthday presents." Nice! The second person is Daina Steward! She and her sisters also attended the concert. She brought her camera in and these are her pictures. I didn't think they'd allow cameras in so I left mine in the car and the line to get back into the concert was ridiculously long.

She took this picture of dowtown Houston from near the concert venue. The skyline is actually pretty incredible. I'll have to get more pictures of that sometime.

Here's Regina on her guitar. I think she only did one song with the guitar.

She spent most of the time on the piano. She's a fantastic musician! I was really impressed with her vocal and instrumental abilities.

This song was the most impressive thing I've ever seen at a concert. I wasn't up close enough to see, but it sounded like she had some sort of bass drum pedal she was beating. What I do know for sure is that she was hitting that chair with the drumstick in this cool rhythm with her right hand, playing chords on the piano with her left, and singing like nobody's business. Wow!


Kristal said...

I'm freaking jealous, but you know I think a third person also deserves credit for this post. I'll give it to her
kristal mulder for putting this song on the blog so we can listen to it everytime we come on, so that our intense love for Sister Specktor will continue to grow...thank you Kristal

Alona said...

You're right, Kristal! My blog wouldn't be nearly as great if it didn't have that video on it! You're brilliant! :)