Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I've been dying to post about our upstairs painting endeavors of a couple of weeks ago! We decided we wanted to surprise our parents with it since they were coming for Thanksgiving. I couldn't post it, because my mom is one of my most regular blog readers. I have been informed that my parents are currently driving here, so I can post it now!

We started on a Friday evening. Abraham really helped out a lot for a few hours.

Jen is a super fast roller. She helped out tons!

Susannah painted the brown accent wall herself! It's super scary painting there because it's so high and is on the landing of the stairs. There's not a ton of room and the ladder is at a very steep angle!

I finished off the blue Saturday morning. I had to run and get more paint in order to finish it off.

I taped off and painted the stripe and word box. It took me almost an hour! It's still a little lower on one side than the other! Shhh!

Susannah applied the wall stickers after the paint had dried and the tape was removed.
Several days later, we added some embellishments.

Here's what we've got as of now. We're still hunting for some good frames and more pictures to put up. We love it. What do you think?


Raysha said...

I love it!! I love vinyl lettering. It might be awhile before we buy another house so I won't be able to paint and decorate for awhile. You guys did a great job!

Jason said...

So cute! Come do my house...oh wait! I don't have a stinkin house! Guess who's house we're looking into buying now...the States. I could make that house awesome! WE'll see. Um, but go to the frame place on the right side of my blog....I can get those frames half off. They are sooo cute!

peace out
oh, this is Kristal...not Jase

Alona said...

Did the States move? Do you really think you'll get it? That would be cool. I will definitely look at those frames!

Call Fam said...

I love it!! Paint just adds so much to a home. It's always a ton of work, but well worth it!

*Carly* said...

you guys are so creative!! That is a great idea and I will have to file that one away for when I have a place that I can paint. I love it!!!

Mom said...

The pictures are great but it looks much better in person. I love it.