Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Program

Our first graders had a Thanksgiving performance on Monday night.

Here's my class (minus one who came late) in their shirts and headbands for the performance. This was the day before the show.

One of my teammate's dads is very handy. He built us this Tepee frame out of PVC pipe. It takes a while to assemble, but it looks great.

My class also made paper mache turkeys to help decorate for the program. They're really cute!

Here are the kiddos singing during the performance Monday night.

Since it was a Monday night activity, we combined it with our Bushman Funhouse FHE and invited everyone to the performance. Here Susannah, Jen, and Bradford (in the back) arrive.

Adam and Abraham were among the others that came.

The FHE friends came over after for some treats and the shenanigans began. Susannah and I somehow ended up with red marks on our face from Adam's pen. Weird!

Susannah's phone was missing after everyone left. We heard it ringing and it took us awhile to find it. It was stuffed inside a bell pepper! How nice of Abraham to wrap it in a paper towel so it wouldn't be damaged.

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