Sunday, November 25, 2007


This Thanksgiving we were so excited to have our family come and spend time with us. It was nice to be at home.

The night before, we stopped by the store for some essentials.

We ate our actual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Call's house hosted by Uncle Darrell and Aunt Maylene. They live just a couple of miles away.

My dad made good use of the tomatoes he brought from his garden.

Not to be outdone, Adam, AKA the Giant, added carrots for a more dazzling effect.

My mom and I enjoyed some after dinner pie.

My dad liked the carrot idea.

Here's a random shot later that night as we gathered for games at my house.

Apparently I wasn't informed about the gray sweatshirt club.

We played games and had cheese fondue! Yum!

The next day we solicited some help in our Christmas preparations. Susannah and my mom sawed off the bottom of the tree so it owuld be perfectly flat. We don't want any of the drama we've had the last 2-3 years with our Christmas trees. Don't ask!

We enlisted the giant in Christmas light duty. The ladder wasn't tall enough to reach the top of the house, so Adam climbed on top of the porch cover and then onto the roof.

He went over the the front and started putting on the clips. He installed satellite dishes this summer and is pretty comfortable on a roof. This, however, was the worst roof he's been on. Too steep!

After he got the clips on, we didn't send him back up with the lights. Abraham tried later that night, but it was way too dangerous. We're looking for an alternative. Negative number one about having a tall house!


*Carly* said...

i can't believe how BIG adam is!! seriously he is HUGE!!!!!

Kristal said...

Again, I'd like to apply to be a Bushman. Your kitchen looks great! Your dad's vegetables look great, um, why are adam and abraham invited to Bushman Thanksgiving and Jason and Kristal arent? Is it because we have kids and they don't? We could have gotten a sitter!!!

Call Fam said...

Looks like a fun Thanksgiving. Jason and I were thinking that this was our first Thanksgiving that we haven't spent with the Call's since we've been married. Crazy, huh?

Alona said...

So sorry, we didn't invite you, Kristal! We would have loved to have you there. I had to spare myself the rejection, though. You told me you'd never set foot in Texas again!

Kristal said...

True, maybe you all should move back to Arizona, where life is even better!