Monday, November 12, 2007


Kristal tagged me in this "crazy 8" thingy. Here goes:

8 things I'm passionate about
8 - Having order in my life
7 - Doing the best I can
6 - Being happy no matter what
5 - Doing what I know is right
4 - Having fun!!!!
3 - My friends
2 - My family
1 - The Church - my relationship with God
8 things I want to do before I die
8 - Travel to every continent (you really can visit Antarctica!)
7 - Learn to speak another language (Spanish?)
6 - Become proficient and excited about family history
5 - Develop the talents I already have and find some more
4 - Pay off my house!
3 - Make sure I have no regrets
2 - Have babies!
1 - Get married.
8 things I often say
8 - Your mom
7 - What the . . . ?
6 - Are you serious?
5 - What? Oh, I thought you said . . .
4 - Prayers
3 - Please and thank you, of course
2 - Various school lingo
1 - I love you (okay - I don't say it often enough - but I do really love my family!!!)
8 books I've recently read
8 - The Infinite Atonement
7 - Harry Potter #6
6 - Twilight
5 - The DaVinci Code
4 - Harry Potter #7
3 - Into thin air (didn't get to finish!)
2 - The New Testament (currently reading)
1 - The Book of Mormon (currently reading)

8 things I could listen to over and over
8 - the Tabernacle choir
7 - Regina Spektor
6 - Jack Johnson
5 - Ben Harper
4 - Coldplay
3 - My soundtracks
2 - Island music
1 - My family and friends
8 things that attract me to my best friends
8 - Funny
7 - They listen to me
6 - I can trust them
5 - Willing to help and be helped
4 - They remember things I tell them
3 - They spend time with me
2 - They make good decisions and treat others well
1 - They like me!
8 things I've learned this past year
8 - I don't want to be a public school teacher forever (or very much longer)
7 - I can run a half marathon!
6 - I still have a testimony
5 - I'm content to follow the Lord's time table for me
4 - Plantar faciitis is extremely unpleasant
3 - Not all seafood is gross
2 - Blogging is fun!
1 - My family continues to be even funnier/cooler that I thought

Now, I'd love to tag Dadra, Susannah, Trisha, and my Mom!


*Carly* said...

the infinite atonement ROCKS!! I love that book too! I will have to read it again cause there is so much in it.

Alona said...

You're fast, Carly! Consider yourself tagged! That is a fantastic book!

Kristal said...

ok, I need you to go into the editign part of your blog and make it so that a window pops up to leave a comment, rather than change the blog stops your music and makes it hard for me to read your blog and comment, which I have to do because during those 3 seconds of change, I forget what i wanted to write. Do it now!

Kristal said...

oh my gosh, do it now, cause I have lots to comment on! I love that our saying are almost all the same! Seriously, I forgot "your mom" but I say that to almost everything Jason asks! SERIOUSLY, cause it's really funny that it's usually true. And "what the?". Ok, HURRY!

Kristal said...

suzannah has a blog?

Alona said...

Done! Susannah has a temporary one. It's not really a blog - check it out. It's in my links. I'm trying to convert her, but in reality, our lives are pretty much the same right now, so mine covers a lot of what she would post! :)

Raysha said...

I love reading these things about people! I just recently noticed that Kristal had tagged me also. These things kind of give me anxiety. I can't just pop off all these things about myself. I have to have time to realy I want people to know this or not??? I really wish I had the determination and drive to get myself ready to run a marathon, half marathon, or even a couple of miles. I'm jealous of all people who are good at that. Malana has been doing these mini tri-athalons. It's so not fair!!!!

Kristal said...

Good job friend, now I will comment more on your crazy 8s. I love your 8 things your passionate makes me want to marry you, you know if I wasn't married, and a totally hot worthy man.
Oh, and if you want to learn Chinese or Navajo, I can teach you...easy! It'll take about half hour, no charge. Your #2 on your "things that attract you to your friends" makes me think maybe we're not good friends. And what's this about wanting to not be a pub school teacher? Are you bout done? what next? And yes, all seafood is gross!!! Try again.

Alona said...

Despite what you think, Kristal, you really do treat people well! I don't think I could even learn how to speak Chinese and Navajo as well as you. You're a master!