Saturday, November 3, 2007

YSA Camp out

The Kingwood, TX stake hosted a YSA camp out up near our neck of the woods. It was lots of fun.

Adam stole my camera and took this of himself. I had at least 6 to choose from.

Not to be left out, Abraham stole my camera after dinner for several "self portraits."

Adam got a little payback when Jason Read started wrestling him.

If I remember correctly, Adam was mouthing off while they were trying to set up tents. It was a good show.

Lest the campground be too "primitive", they jazzed it up with some port-a-potties. Daina and I tried them out.

This is a shot of a few of the tents that were set up. There were probably at least 40 people who camped out!

There were lots of activities in the morning: soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, hiking, biking, etc. Susannah dared Jeremy to play soccer with the cone on his head for 1 minute. She said she'd give him a dollar. He couldn't quite make the minute.

Here are some sweaty boys after a big game of soccer. Susannah got a new video camera and we shot some great video of waking Adam and Abraham up this morning. I'll see if I can upload it in another post!


Kristal said...

My favorite is that picture of Adam getting the crap beat out of him.

adamwarr said...

It only looks like I'm "getting the crap beat out of me." What's really going on, is I'm helping Jason look for his contact. He dropped it on the forest floor. That coupled with the lack of light . . . well, we had to get right down on the ground to look for it.

Kristal said...

Yeah, Ok little man. That's believeable, and what the picture looks like.


123checkoutthefamily said...

I miss camping! It looks like ya'll had fun.