Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Entertainer

Last night we left the activity after the movie started to go play some games at our friend, Amanda's house. It was a HILARIOUS night. It was five girls (Sus, Jen, Kim, Amanda, and myself) and only one guy (Nick). It sounds weird, but these numbers worked to everyone's benefit. It was great because Nick was somewhat uninhibited without any competition around. He's a performer and would pretty much take any request we had. I have posted a random sampling of videos taken last night. We're still laughing.

It all started with Nick quoting lines from "Nacho Libre." He's quite accomplished at it. Here he is doing his favorite line.

After some chatting and some food, Amanda broke out the Wii. For some reason, guitar hero wasn't really working so we moved on to DDR. Watching DDR is enjoyable in itself, but it became even better as someone would be playing and Nick stood at the back and tried to copy the dance moves that the animated dancers on the game were doing.

Here he finishes out the song he was doing above. He commented that this should solve all of his dancing problems. It was sure entertaining.

I missed the beginning of this one, but here's his velociraptor (sp?) impersonation. It was hilarious.

We liked it so much that we had him do it again so I could film the beginning!


Amanda Holbrook said...

I am laughing all over again. My abs hurt!!!! Tears just come it is sooo funny. I love the ddr video, I love Susannah laughing and the crazy moves and I love when Nick laughs at himself. It cracks me up! This was one of the best nights, I laughed so hard, got a great ab workout and didn't care that I ate half the plate of brownies. Thanks for sharing in an awesome night guys!

kristal said...

Um, yea, I can't stand people like that, that will do whatever to entertain their friends, like tell stories in navajo, prank calls in chinese and amazingly great car dances. ANNOYING!!!

crack'n up ourselves said...

That was great! I got a good laugh. YOu guys seem like you have so much fun!