Sunday, May 4, 2008

Seek ye diligently

For the last month, our ward has participated in a little dating competition called "Seek Ye Diligently." In it, people are awarded points for asking and going out on dates. The challenge was Elders Quorum VS Relief Society. I'm proud to say that the Relief Society walked away with the win . . . barely. As our reward, they had to feed us dinner at a ward activity.
They went all out. One of the guys hosted it at his house. He lives sort of out in the country and has a huge yard. We played Bocce ball, they had volleyball, frisbee, and his 4-wheelers out too. They got put away soon, though, because the host shattered his wrist after rolling one. He had to be taken to the emergency room. It was outrageously fast and he was back before we even said the prayer on the food. We ate hot dogs, hamburgers, brisket, corn on the cob, potato salad, and root beer floats. They built a HUGE bonfire (thus all the pictures in this post) and set up a big screen outside and played "Dan in Real Life." Great activity, guys!
I got as close as I could without being incinerated. It was a HOT fire!
Everyone had to try it. They got a little more creative with their sillouettes (how do you spell that word?). Here's Adam.
Susannah, the superhero.


Anonymous said...

My ears are . . . hot!

Alona said...

Wait, is this Jorge? I didn't see him in any of these pictures!?!?!