Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fruits of our labors

I should have waited to do my last garden post for just a few more days! Just a day or two after I did that last post, the tomatoes started to turn red!
Our cherry tomatoes are the only ones that are currently turning red, but the full sized ones are getting so big.

We had to document "picking" the first thing from our garden. I'll do my best to refrain from doing this from every new item we get to pick. One of our tomatoes is for sure ready. We wanted to make sure to have 3 ready so we could try them at the same time! :)
I ran out of memory on my card so I didn't continue the video, but this is the inside of our first pea pod.
And here we are eating our very first pea! It was delicious. We look forward to many more tasty items in the days and months to come.


Anonymous said...

Gross. Did you know that in that last picture it looks like you've got something in your teeth?!? Ever heard of dental floss?

Amanda Holbrook said...

I especially love that Susannah and Jen worked together to pick the pea pod off the branch. :) Way to go, teamwork. :) Your garden looks great, you should be proud!