Thursday, May 29, 2008

School's Out . . . Almost!

This post should illustrate why I haven't been posting much lately - well this and the fact that my Internet connection has been insufferably slow lately.
Last week we had our first grade awards and program. All the kids got awards and we put on some fairytale plays in my classroom. This is the background we made. I thought it was really cute. I accidentally had to cover up the board with the spelling words on it, so I just wrote our spelling words on the sun.
I had to get a picture with cute little David. He was the best "Big Bad Wolf" I've have in my class, I believe. Also, notice the cute apron that my awesome room mom made with my students' help!

Here's David saying his lines a little later. He's awesome!
One of my students is in a Karate School daycare program. One of his instructors came in to talk to the class. The kids loved it!
We also had a fun field trip where we walked to the local library to get the kids excited and prepared for summer reading. This is half of the first graders in our school with A LOT of parent volunteers. There are about 50 or so kids all jammed in this picture.
Today was our big picnic day. Susannah and I are posing here for a sibling picture. I'm next to George, one of my students, and she is by Alex, his little brother. Susannah also had George last year. They're headed off to Dubai to visit their father so they'll miss the last few days of school. They're moving schools next year, so we may never see them again! :(
Here they are with some fun friends.


okbushmans said...

You are the most amazing teacher! I love seeing all of your great ideas! What lucky kids!

Merrianne & Spencer said...

cute pictures!