Monday, July 6, 2009

Joseph City

Well, I've been back from my road trip for almost a week now and am FINALLY getting around to doing some posts. Just be warned that over 800 pictures were taken on this road trip. Susannah and I are splitting them up, though. She's doing all the wedding reception stuff and I'm doing the "other" stuff. Don't worry - it's still good!
I'm starting with our first stop on the reception tour - JOSEPH CITY, AZ (only my favorite town in the whole world). It is definitely not the most beautiful, but it is awesome nonetheless!
This is a shot near one of the exits off of I-40 looking toward the town (headed eastbound). Our main street is part of old Route 66.
This house was built by my great, great grandfather - John Bushman. He was one of the settlers of Joseph City. This home was the first 2 story brick home in Northern Arizona.
One of my favorite places just outside of Joseph City is the Jackrabbit trading post. This sign is seen on the movie "Cars" only it has a tractor instead of a rabbit.
Here is THE jackrabbit. We always make a stop by this guy when we go back to JC. I didn't have time to get a picture of myself on his back, so I settled for this snapshot!
Another recent favorite is getting adjusted by our good friend Jason Mulder who is a chiropractor in Joseph City. He's such a good sport to work on us all at the last minute.
This is my favorite place in Joseph City - my old house. My parents sold it when we moved to Texas, but it was built by my Grandpa Bushman. Great memories!
Okay, these next few are not in Joseph City, but in Holbrook, which is 10 miles to the east of JC. This is another famous landmark along Route 66 - the Wigwam motels which also show up in the movie "Cars."
Here's another shot of some of the tepees. They're not the most fabulous accommodations, but where else can you sleep in a tepee?
Also in Holbrook is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants - El Rancho. We took some time to eat lunch there on the day of the Joseph City reception. It was delicious, of course!
Susannah is demonstrating the little known deliciousness of putting honey on those home-made tortilla chips! Not much better . . . except the sopapillas!
I had to take a few shots around town. Here's my old High School - part of it anyway.
This is the seminary building just behind the HS that my dad taught at for MANY years. He taught in Joseph City for 24 years, but I don't know if this building is that old.
The best thing about Joseph City is definitely the people. These are at the reception, but since they don't have the bride and groom, I think I'm safe! :) These girls all graduated with me.
We had one more classmate arrive. Trina had already left or we could have gotten the 5 of us in a picture. Oh well!
I had to snap this one of the Mulders as well. Kristal took a lot of great shots of the bride and groom at the reception! Look for Susannah's reception posts coming up soon on her blog. She's working on getting her computer connected to the Internet, then we should all be in for a treat!


Kay said...

Bo's sign has to be the most photographed sign in Joe City. He's proud of his eagle project!

And we LOVE El Rancho!! :)

Mom said...

Good ol' Joe City....There's no place like home...there's no place like home... there's no place like home!!!

j&krosser said...

Oh how I love JoCity too! I am surprised you didn't make time to hop on the jackrabbit. I guess you better visit again :)

kristal said...

JC is the best town in the world! I'm so glad we're able to live here. I hope it lasts. (us living here, not US)
Um, so your grandpa built that house?! What?! And you guys sold it?! It's my favorite house! I can't believe you sold it. Get it back and move back!!!!
Oh, and good job hiding my fat belly and boobs in that last shot. Can I say boobs on your blog? I I did twice.

Alona said...

Kristal, you can say whatever you want on my blog, which is why it's always a treat to read your comments! :) Kay - Bo should be proud of his eagle project! It's awesome!